Finally, all of our great downloads are all here in one place! You must be so excited! Note: Save, not Open these downloads, then open them on your computer. (Most are ZIP files and require a ZIP file reader such as WinZip) There are quite a few downloads, so keep scrolling down.

Games: (More info about some collections can be found on the Games Page)

RabidCentipede RoboQuest - Our long-awaited 3-D First Person Shooter! Battle hordes of robots, take on gigantic bosses, collect upgrades, and so much more!

Circle Life by RabidCentipede - Our most recent game, if you can call it a game. Part game, part simulator, and part art program, this creative little program will keep you entertained for hours!

Classics Collection by RabidCentipede - Some of our first games... Relive your favorite RabidCentipede gaming moments!

Recent Games Collection by RabidCentipede - Some of our more recent games... Tons of fun!

 Wizard by RabidCentipede - A favorite! Tons of levels, exciting bosses, and much much more!

 SpaceQuest by RabidCentipede - One of our most recent game! A cool third person adventure/shooter game set in the unexplored reaches of space with a multitude of cool abilities, upgrades, enemies, and cool quests.


Screensavers by RabidCentipede - Two cool screensavers!

 The Mega RabidCentipede Screensacer - the best one so far, combining cool things like star fields, fireworks, mazes, and much much more!

(To exit the screensavers, click the mouse/hit a key. To use these two games as screensavers, change their extension from .exe to .scr and put it in your windows directory, and it will appear in your screensaver selection menu.)

Desktop Backgrounds:

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