We at RabidCentipede.com decided to review another of our favorite games: Guild Wars! Guild Wars is a fantasy themed MMORPG, with FREE ONLINE PLAY (yeah that's cool)! There are currently two chapters out right now, Chapter 1: Prophecies, and Chapter 2: Factions. At the time of writing, Chapter 3: Nightfall has been announced, but is not released yet.

So, what separates Guild Wars from all the other MMORPGs on the market today? Let's start by looking at some of the unique features it has. First of all, the maximum level cap is 20. Some may think this is too low, but there is a good reason for it. Guild Wars is trying to avoid grinding to get to high levels, like you must do in some other games. ArenaNet, the company that makes Guild Wars, thinks that it should require skill, not unlimited free time, to succeed in Guild Wars. That's right, you don't need 20 hours a day of playing to be "good"!

Guild Wars (currently) has eight unique "professions", and when building a character, you choose two. One is your "primary profession", which decides which body style, armor, and primary attribute your character has. Then, you pick a second profession, which gives you access to that profession's skills as well! It's like you can mix and match skills from the two different professions to suit your needs!

We could just go on and on, but then it would turn into a guide, and not a review. Go play Guild Wars for yourself, and have the chance to experience this wonderful game!

By the way, my in game character name is Karashim Nargoth. Add me as a friend, and message me if you see me on :)