Today, I thought I would tell you about a game I have been playing recently.

Puzzle Pirates, made by Three Rings Design, is a fun, and very addicting game that is, well, based on minigames. Let me explain.

You are a pirate, and you interact with other online pirates. One of the main things you can do is go sailing around in crews with other players. Sailing is made up of different little puzzle-like minigames, such as bilging, carpeting, and actually sailing.

When you come into combat with other players' ships, you can have the captain do a navigation minigame, and the crew can do a cannon loading minigame. When the crew of one ship boards the other, there is a sword-fighting minigame.

Back on the islands, there are many things to do, such as working in ship-building yards, brewing ale, playing cards, practicing your sword fighting, buying clothes, and all kinds of stuff!

The game is very very very addicting, which is why I am not getting much work done on this article ;) Well, what can I say? Just go try the game for yourself!