Now for some random news and stuff:

*clears throat*

Remember to Vote for the Next Game!!! - The massive Space-themed RPG is currently winning.

Finally, we are able to release our second CD, RabidCentipede Dragon Quest! To see it or our first CD, head over to the new and improved Music Page!!! It is a really cool CD!

Expect more to be done soon relating to the Turkey Sandwich reviews.... new reviews, new organization, etc.!

Pink Floyd Rocks!!!!!!!

Also, Summer is almost here! And you know what summer brings: MORE PRODUCTIVITY! That's right, we will make more games, more articles, and MORE USELESS JUNK! But first, a little procrastination is in order. For the next few weeks, the staff of will be on vacation, and no work will be done. However, keep sending in those votes, links, and fan mail!