I like turkey sandwiches. A lot. Part of it may have to do with the fact that I don't eat beef, so I never get hamburgers. But, there is just something about having some processed turkey meat on a deli bun - mmmmm. So, I am going to rate the turkey sandwiches that I have had at different restaurants.

Before I start, it might help you to know what I usually order, so here is the omnipotent turkey sandwich order:

Turkey, Cheese, Mayo, Mustard, Pickles, and Oregano.

Now, on to the good stuff:

Subway - Excellent! I love the bread, and they always put enough mustard. They have delicious pickles, and will always be glad to pile even more pickles on.  Also of note is their chicken parmigana sandwich, which goes great with pickles. 5 stars.

Firehouse Subs - Very Good! Pretty good bread, but the best part our their toasty subs! The turkey and the cheese become all melted and gooey... yummy! Their spicy mustard is delicious! Note: the pickles here are chopped pickles, not the usual hamburger chip style. 5 stars.

Max & Erma's - (Due to the lack of a normal turkey sandwich, I will review their simple turkey club, which I order with no lettuce or mustard.) Very Good. Always a favorite, and I usually order it with a side cup of the tortilla soup. I find the sandwich even better when you dip it in either the tortilla soup or in a side cup of honey mustard. 5 stars.

TO BE CONTINUED LATER after I go eat more turkey sandwiches ;)