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Well... I guess it's time we explain ourselves.... *ahem*...

Welcome to the About Us page of RabidCentipede.Com!

First off, let us tell you how excited we are that you not only were visiting our website, but that you had about 55 seconds to spare to come and read this page. We hope you enjoy the rest of your visit to RabidCentipede.Com

Anyway, now for a little about us. RabidCentipede.Com isn't exactly a non-profit organization... we just don't make any profit. You'd think that would qualify us, but no... there's all that messy paperwork to do and such. We are simply a company that spends their time making amateur games, music, website pages, Messageboards, reviews of turkey sandwiches, and whatever else our staff wants to spend their time doing. However, due to the lack of monetary inflow mentioned above, none of it is really that professional. Besides, if you actually wanted fancy games with pretty graphics, you'd be somewhere else.

If, for any reason, you ever have any questions, comments, compliments, problems with life, ground-breaking research paper topics, or anything like that, feel free to contact us in one of two ways. First, there is our Help email address: Help@RabidCentipede.com, which has a nice little auto-responder to let you know that we will get back to you shortly. Secondly, you could make a post on our Messageboards, which will be checked less frequently than the email. Basically, just use the email address.

I guess this sort-of finishes up our little About Us page. Feel free to hit back and resume your RabidCentipede.com visit!