5/18/06 - New Layout!!!!!!!!!!

How do you like the brand new layout? It took a while to go through compatibality testing and other upgrades, but it is finally ready! Enjoy!

4/21/06 - New Game!!!

That's right, head on over to the Downloads Page and check out the newest game, Circle Life! Enjoy!

By the way, be on the look out for a fun new update ;)

4/14/06 - Check out the CD!!!!!

If you were worried at the lack of updates... do not fear! For now, I am to unveil the project that has been taking up all of our energy... I now present An Alarming Lack of Normality, our first ever CD!!!!!

3/13/06 - MEGA UPDATES!!!

Sorry about the lack of updates for a while, but I think you will find them worth the wait... We now have a new game (YAY!), a new screensaver (YAY!), some desktop backgrounds (YAY!), all on a brand new DOWNLOADS PAGE!!! MEGA-YAY!

Also, there is now a page where you can chat with my chat bot (see previous update).

2/8/06 - Featured Technology: Chat Bots

Everyone uses some form of chatting/im'ing, such as AIM, Yahoo Instant Messenger, or MSN Messenger, and chats with all their friends. But what if you could chat with/program a chat robot that would respond intelligently to all of your IMs? Well, now you can with cool chat bot technologies like RunABot! You can program specific replies and different responses to different types of questions! Go check it out! Oh, and by the way, you can always drop by my bot, rbdcntpdbot, in aim when he is on!

1/26/06 - More updates coming soon!

Some of you may have noticed that there haven't been any major updates in a while... but don't worry, there are many more things planned, like a new game, more downloads such as backgrounds and screensavers, and much much more!

1/10/06 - Happy New Year (and some updates)

Well, Happy New Year, everyone. I would also like to note that there have been some recent updates, meaning that the random quote now appears IN the sticky note, instead of in another one. I thought it was getting a little too crowded. Also, the Web Coding section is starting to get some work, so it will be available soon.

10/18/05 - Link to games page

Some visitors had a hard time finding the page with games that I made on it, so here is a link.

9/6/05 - Feedback Page!!!!!

Check out our new feedback page and tell us what you think of our website!

8/23/05 - Major Update

It has taken a while, but this, the new main page of RabidCentipede is finally finished. Some of the side pages are still under construction, however. Good News: THE MESSAGEBOARDS ARE OPEN AGAIN! I have made many changes to them, and hope you enjoy all of the new updates!

7/23/05 - Hit Counter

You may have noticed, but there is a new hit counter under the menus to the left. Since it is new, the number will be low for a while.

7/22/05 - Messageboards

The Messageboards will be updated and edited soon, so don't be surprised if they are down/locked later. They will be back to normal as soon as possible!

7/22/05 - A note about Ads

All of the main pages of RabidCentipede.Com DO NOT HAVE ADS! If you are getting ads/popups from our pages, it is a problem with your browser, not our website ;). However, some of the pages you get to from the Web Section are still hosted on free web hosting places like Angelfire, and have ads on them. :(

7/20/05 - Testing Out CSS

Welcome to! We are currently in the process of applying tables and CSS to our pages, so some of our pages might not be consistent to you. Please pardon our cyber-dust!