Okay... if you have visited RabidCentipede.com previously, you might now be wondering what the box of content (that brought you here) is anyway. Well, it is time for me to explain, I guess...
*clears throat*

We of RabidCentipede.com are now here to proudly announce the official unveiling of the majestic
Scroll box o' content o' DOOM!

Now, instead of just pointless updates that no one reads anyway, there shall be Content, and an abundance of it! Little links from that box on the main page will take you to different blank, ugly pages, such as this one, where there will be interesting stuff to read.

(Note: If you did actually read those updates, you can always look at them on the Archive of Old Updates Page. New updates will also be posted as content, every now and then.)

So, what kind of exciting stuff is going to be posted in the box, you ask? Well, good question! Game reviews, random insights about life, links to other interesting websites/link eschange links, and reviews of turkey sandwiches should all get in sometime or another. So, dig in, and enjoy!