And now, we return to the Turkey Sandwich Review!!! YAY!!! If you missed the last issue, it can be found Here!

Before I start, it might help you to know what I usually order, so here is the omnipotent turkey sandwich order:

Turkey, Cheese, Mayo, Mustard, Pickles, and Oregano.

Now, on to the good stuff:

Quizno's - Pretty good. To me, it was pretty hard just to get a turkey sandwich without pepper sauce, ranch, and a whole bunch of other junk. I ended up just getting the real deal turkey sandwich or whatever, which comes with turkey, but no cheese, and mayo, but no mustard! By the time I manage to order something similar to what I wanted, I was hungry enough to eat two subs. The sandwiches themselves were pretty good, but I'd advise studying their online menu (found at their website) before you go. 3.5 stars.

Logan's Roadhouse - Pretty Good. (Due to the lack of a normal turkey sandwich, I will review their club sandwich, with no lettuce or tomato.) Wow... that's a lot of sandwich! Not to mention the home-style chips or whatever. However, I usually have to ask for a side cup of honey mustard for the sandwich. The crust of the bread can be a little spongish, and it is rather dry without the honey mustard, but overall it isn't that bad. If you order the home-style chips, order some ranch dressing to dip them in. Our waitress reccommended this to us once, and it was excellent! 4 stars.

Harris Teeter (fresh foods department) - Very Good. Yes, Harris Teeter is a grocery store, but you can still order sandwiches there. At my local Harris Teeter, all half-subs are only $2.49 on Tuesdays! The sandwich itself is large for a half sub, and very good for its price. Plus, they put on tons of pickles!! 4.5 stars.

TO BE CONTINUED LATER after I go eat more turkey sandwiches ;)