And now, we return to the Turkey Sandwich Review, now issue 3!!! YAY!!! If you missed the last issue, it can be found Here!

Before I start, it might help you to know what I usually order, so here is the omnipotent turkey sandwich order:

Turkey, Cheese, Mayo, Mustard, Pickles, and Oregano.

Now, on to the good stuff:

Wendy's (eaten at airport) - I ordered a Garden Fresh Turkey Sandwich, but had a very hard time ordering. I told the employee exactly what I wanted and did not want on my sandwich, but I got the impression he wasn't paying much attention. When I finally got my order, it had lettuce and tomato on it, which I had asked to not have. Argh! The sandwich itself was okay... after all, how much can you expect from a fast-food hamburger restaurant? 2.5 stars.

Carlsbad Caverns visitor center restaurant - Very good! I think you had the option to eat underground in the cavern lunch room, but my traveling party was against the idea of going back down just for lunch, having spent a long morning there already. Anyway, the sandwich itself came in a box with nothing on it but turkey and cheese, which was a good idea. You could get mayo, mustard, pickles, etc. in separate little packages, which was nice.It was actually a very good sandwich, considering it had just been sitting in the refrigerator thing for who-knows-how-long. 4.5 stars.

Grand Canyon - Bright Angel Lodge Restaurant - Pretty good, I had their version of a turkey club (I don't remember their name for it...). It was sort of dry, but there was a bottle of mustard on the table. Be sure to ask for extra pickles, because they are EXCELLENT!!!!! If you are staying on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, be sure to come here one day. 4 stars.

TO BE CONTINUED LATER after I go eat more turkey sandwiches ;)