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Welcome to the RabidCentipede Labs!

Here is where you can find all of our cool experiments in the world of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more!

Current experiments:

* The Word Wall! - Have fun dragging around words to make sentences! The empty boxes let you type in your own word!

* The RabidCentipede Newspaper! - Create your own online Newspaper! Just click on the words to edit them!

* The RabidCentipede Feedback Form - Give us feedback! He he he....

* The RabidCentipede World - A classic for long-time visitors, this world has been up since the beginning of the website.

* The Browser Garage - A little page that tests some scripts and plug-ins.

* The RabidCentipede Pet shop! - Adopt your own virtual pet!

* The Harry Potter Section - Made when we were experimenting with CSS, this little section has some fun games and activities.

* The RabidCentipede Web Browser - Our try at making a web browser! It might not work.

* A HTML Editor (with link to a color sheet) - A neat HTML editor we modified.

* Mystery - ????????

More comming soon!!!!!