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New updates are comming! (9/21/06):
Our new layout update should be here very soon!
Why no updates? (8/24/06):
Come find out a bit about our two projects!
Our New Game is here! (8/6/06):
YAY!!! It's HERE!!!
News about our new game! (7/24/06):
Woo hoo, it's gonna be fun!
Guild Wars Review (7/24/06):
An uberly-cool MMORPG!!!
The Turkey Sandwich Review #3 (7/1/06):
This issue visits some of the places we ate at on our vacation!!!!!
We are BACK!!! (6/29/06):
We are back from our trip, and bring you some exciting news!
The RabidCentipede Trip Log!!!!! (6/9/06 - 6/25/06):
I told you we would be on vacation! See what we are doing! - NOTE: we are back now.
Random News And Stuff (6/3/06):
Voting, Vacation, and umm... Visions of the future!
Voting on the Next Game (5/28/06):
YOU pick what kind of game to have next!!1!!1one!
Puzzle Pirates review (5/26/06):
A very fun and addicting pirate-themed game.
The Turkey Sandwich Review #2 (5/25/06):
This issue visits Quizno's, Logan's, and Harris Teeter.
The RabidCentipede Roadmap (5/23/06):
Can't decide what to do on RabidCentipede.com? Check here!
The Turkey Sandwich Review #1 (5/22/06):
This issue visits Subway, Firehouse Subs, and Max & Erma's.
Music that I Like (5/21/06):
I don't know anything about music. In my line you don't have to. ~Elvis Presley
Link Exchange Program (5/21/06):
Link to us, and we will link to you!
Explanation of this box thing (5/20/06):
It explains what this box is, and what you will find in it.
Archive of Old Updates (5/19/06):
This was the stuff that was on the main page previously.

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